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My new giphy artist account

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I am completely over the moon to announce that I’ve been approved for a Giphy artist account! Woo! 

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ashley-peterson-design-giphy-artist-approval-emailI was just about to give up hope, as I submitted my application sometime in the beginning of the new year.  Weeks passed, months passed, I kept checking to see if maybe my submission was lost and they told me to hang tight (with the sassiest of gifs of course).

The other day, I’ve finally came to the realisation that they definitely lost my application and I should just move on.  But the universe decided other wise and the next day, what popped in my inbox? THE DAMN APPROVAL EMAIL! 

I feel like a total goon saying this but it gives me some sense of illustrator validation, so I’m definitely on cloud nine, and it was 100% some much needed pep-in-my-step.

Buzzin’ from the email, I got to work on my first round of gif stickers so people can share them on IG and other Giphy API’s pretty quickly.

I have a long laundry list of gif ideas I keep in my phone notebook and decided to start with an arrows collection.  Spending the better part of a day, all gifs were illustrated, exported, and uploaded to my Giphy account.

I’m embarrassed to say that I kept checking every ten minutes to see if they were live on IG but finally hid my phone from myself before dinner. After dinner I checked, not having high expectations, and there they were! 

Yesterday, I went to use one of my gifs (shamelessly) and I was stunned to find the colourful 3D squiggly arrow was trending! I feel like a proud parent or something.


I’m so looking forward to creating more gif animations for my new Giphy artist account.  Have a look at my Giphy artist account and let me know which are your favourites!

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